How we started

Hi! I’m Joel Gayer, and I started Little Mountain Homebrewers with the help of my friend, George Plaatje.  We met as coworkers and discovered we both had an interest in homebrewing. In January of 2008 George and I invited a group of friends over for brew session that became the first meeting of Little Mountain. The group continued to meet once a month as word spread via our website, facebook page, and through the AHA website.  We love to welcome new members. The only qualification you need to join is a sincere love of brewing and a desire to add to and share your knowledge about beer and home brewing.

In the past, the club has featured basic brew sessions at meetings for folks who had never brewed before and wanted see how to do it.  These days with the club growth, we encourage people to let other members know they are new and would like to help someone else brew as a learning experience.  Also once a year during "Big Brew Day" we have members who will do all grain or extract batches and everyone is invited to participate. There are all levels of brewers in the club who are willing to share knowledge and help others.  In fact, we have had several of our members start brewing related businesses.

We regularly have in house member brew tastings. In addition, in 2012, Little Mountain Homebrewers started King of the Mountain (KotM) home brew competition.  KotM is sanctioned by the AHA and is judged by BJCP judges.  We also encourage our members to support the brewing community and enter other competitions as well. Competition can only improve your skills.

We try to get together outside of meetings for a social night out at are beer related establishments.  This is usually a weeknight and gives our members a chance to socialize in addition to meetings.

We have organized short trips in the past and expect to continue to do so in the future.  This can be a day trip or even an overnight trip to a brewing related destination.  This is determined by member interest and availability.

We also feature an annual summer picnic.  This is for all ages and gives members a chance to invite family and friends to see what the club is all about.  There are games and prizes for everyone.

Our final meeting every year is our holiday party that is catered and we hold raffles for great prizes.  This meeting is free to members and requires a donation for non-members to attend.

We offer both single and couple memberships.  Membership gives you a discounted price at participating supply shops, breweries and brew-on-premise locations.  It also covers expenses incurred by the picnic and the holiday party.  Anyone is welcome to attend meetings throughout the year.  The more the merrier!

Hope to hear from you soon!  Cheers,


Joel Gayer, Little Mountain Homebrewers Founder

Pop quiz! Which picture includes more than one club founder (hint: one of them also wrote a book)